The bindi is usually placed between the eyebrows, the location of the sixth chakra or energy center. It is called ajna and said to be the “seat of concealed wisdom” and the exit point for spiritual energy. Applying a bindi in this ajna spot is supposed to strengthen concentration and retain energy. The bindi is also said to ward off the evil eye in the form of demons or bad luck. Not to mention it makes you more beautiful than you already are!

Prices on this website are for the whole pack. What you see is what you get. If the picture shows 5 bindis, that's what you'll get. And you'll get exactly what's pictured.

Which Bindi is right for you?

While design and colors are a matter of personal preference to compliment your outfit, choosing the shape of the bindi is another matter. Take into consideration the structure of your face.

•A 'roundish' face should avoid circular and squarish bindis. Stick with smaller and thin longish bindis but not too long.


•Square face structure: Any long, fancy artsy and curvy bindis would be ideal. Avoid wide bindis.


•Oval face structure: No extremes. Well proportioned bindis are best suited for you.

•Triangular face structure: Go for the bold. Avoid small or long thin bindis."

Taking care of your bindis: Proper handling of your bindis will allow you to reuse them. Bindis are delicate. Take care when handling. Using a finger nail, gently and slowly lift and remove the bindi. If possible use the fat part of the bindis. Retain the backing the bindi came with so you can put the bindi back on it when you are done wearing the bindi.

With subsequent use, you may feel the self-adhesive backing is not as strong. Apply a drop of two of the bindi gum or any eyelash glue.